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Custody Schedule for Firefighters

Custody Schedule for Firefighters:

As a firefighter, we know that while your duties at the firehouse are important to you, your role as a dad is the most important job you have.

Our number one goal is to help you prioritize your time with your kids.  Firemen need a flexible schedule with their kids that works smoothly with your changing hours at the firehouse.

With one of our own being married to a New York City firefighter, we understand the unique scheduling needs.  We understand the challenges that firefighters face when arranging to se their kids after a divorce.

Custody Schedule for Firefighters: Different Schedules

Traditional parenting schedules don;t work for FDNY firefighters.  With firemen, it is essential to create a unique and workable custody schedule. It is your right to have a parenting arrangement that allows you to optimize the amount of time you have with your children.  You shouldn’t lose time with your kids while serving as a hero to your community.

In deciding on custody and visitation arrangements, the best interests of the child should be the focal point. As a strong and heroic role model in your children’s lives, it is vital you have adequate and quality time with your kids while you are not at the firehouse.

For example, custody schedule for firefighter should permit frequent schedule changes and many overnights with the kids.  If you are scheduled for a 24 hour shift and then two days off, you should have time with your kids and overnights during the 2 days off.

Custody Schedule for Firefighters: Frequent Schedule Changes Must Be Worked into Divorce Settlement

Most people do not have your schedules or as many schedule changes as firefighters need.

We work diligently to reach a custody schedule for firefighters that is fair, realistic and protects the best interest of your children.

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Call us at 1-855-LawFFNY for a free consultation on how we can help you achieve the best custody & visitation schedule possible for you as a firefighter and as a parent.



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