Prenuptial Agreements for Firefighters

Prenuptial Agreement: 457s and Pensions

Prenuptial Agreement – Protecting Your Pension and 457 with a Prenup

No couple wants to think about the possibility of a divorce. Unfortunately, however, statistics don’t lie – over 50% of New York marriages result in a divorce.

Many articles online say that firefighters have higher divorce rates.

Prenuptial Agreement Specifically for FDNY Firefighters

As a FDNY firefighter, you face stressful events and have unique scheduling issues.  Most people don’t risk their lives at work and most don’t work overnight shifts.

A prenup is insurance.  You hope to never have to use it.  But, an enforceable prenuptial agreement is well worth its minimal cost in case your marriage doesn’t last.

Entering into a prenup is the most effective way to protect yourself, your 457, your pension and save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in case you divorce.

For a firefighter, a prenuptial agreement means that you decide ahead of time what will happen with your 457 and pension in case you divorce.  You can also use a prenup to protect your wife’s assets or her pension.

Particularly, you and your spouse can come to an agreement on if and how your pension, 457 and other assets will be divided.  With a prenup, you can avoid expensive divorce litigation down the line.

Didn’t have a Prenuptial Agreement? You can enter a Post Nuptial Agreement

If you are already married and did not enter a prenup, it is not too late.

You and your spouse may enter an agreement during your marriage.  After you are married, the same type of an agreement is called a Post Nuptial Agreement.

People use post nuptial agreements as a way of giving their marriages a second try without risking more of their pensions.

Prenuptial, Marital and Postnuptial agreements are all extremely cost-effective ways to agree on how you will distribute your assets and liabilities upon the event of a divorce.

You buy insurance for your house, your car, your life – why not protect your marriage and the assets you acquire in the same manner? We have extensive experience in marital agreements, particularly for firefighters.

Call us at 1-855-LawFFNY for a free consultation on how we can help you protect yourself, your 457 and your pension.


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