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FDNY Pension Divorce

FDNY Pension Divorce

FDNY Pension Divorcr

FDNY Pension Divorce.  Looking Out For NY’s Bravest

Divorce is a very difficult thing. When we marry, we pledge our lives to one another. When we divorce, those two lives that were once one become separate once again. Each life needs to start again to build a meaningful way of living, one with security. Sometimes when divorce occurs, each spouse might have a very different view about who gets to keep this and who belongs to that. Firefighters are no different than anyone else when it comes to these concerns.

The divorce rate for firefighters is said to be higher than for other professionals.  The stress and strain that a day on the job can bring to firefighters contribute directly to effects on their personalities.

If you’re a firefighter heading for a divorce, you are just like anyone else. You are likely experience the pain that inevitably comes with the breakup of a marriage. At the same time, you are different. Your experiences are different. You have much to protect.

Make sure you have a divorce lawyer that knows what fighting for firefighters is all about is where you should start.  Protecting your 457 and your pension in your divorce.

FDNY Pension Divorce.  Pension

Part of what firefighters sign up for in the first place is their retirement pensions. Years of dedicated service should be compensated with a comfortable pension upon retirement. Your pension is one of your most vital assets.

You might hear a lot of this information and that from friends or colleagues, but only a well-educated divorce lawyer can fully explain who is entitled to what, and what can be negotiated. For example, in NY State, the Majauskas Formula is used as a standard for figuring out how a pension should be divided, should that be what you and your spouse desire.

Something else that might be causing you stress as you face divorce is what’s to be done with your 457 retirement plan. This investment plan is one in which you have likely saved toward for several years. How does this get divided? What do you do?

Those are perfectly valid questions and questions you need an expert to handle. Take the time to find a divorce lawyer who not only knows the specialties of a firefighter’s life, but also knows how to handle divorce cases in a way that minimizes the pain for everyone involved. Divorce is hard enough.









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